WATERLOO, Ontario, Canada -

VHA Home HealthCare (VHA)’s Customer Service Centre is in the midst of a major digital transformation. Working with partner organizations GoldCare and Bell Canada, VHA has embarked on a systems integration that will deliver faster response times for clients and their loved ones, and a more efficient workflow for VHA team members.

Imagine a client having their call automatically routed to their care coordinator without needing to be transferred from agent to agent. Imagine a care coordinator having immediate access to their client’s information the very instant they receive a call. Bell Canada’s On Demand Contact Centre (ODCC) solution is making this a reality at VHA.

“Home care clients and their families need to be able to connect with their care team quickly when they have a question or a concern. Efficient, effective communication is at the heart of client-centred care,” says Alistair Forsyth, Chief Information Officer, VHA Home HealthCare.

The ODCC is a cloud-based platform that, integrated with GoldCare, has radically changed the way VHA’s Customer Service Centre operates. Recognizing phone numbers from VHA’s GoldCare client care management and support system, ODCC automatically triggers a “screen pop” on a coordinator’s computer which immediately pulls and displays the relevant client’s information from GoldCare.

“With this new integration, GoldCare and VHA are delivering a unique solution in Canadian home care,” adds Paula Hucko, CEO of GoldCare. “It taps into the potential of GoldCare’s CloudCare 2.0 system to easily integrate with 3rd party applications to support efficient access to information and enhance communications with clients and families.”

Clients and staff alike are delighted by the major upgrade which is reducing handling time and improving call routing, as calls are instantly directed to the appropriate contacts within the organization.

“Working with ODCC allows clients to reach their coordinator in a timely manner,” shares Melanie Baker, VHA Care Team Coordinator. “Having ODCC connected to GoldCare takes away the added step of searching for the client’s file while the client is waiting on the line and makes for a seamless call flow. This also helps reduce the call backlog for coordinators.”

The enhanced communications support through this integration is already improving client experience by eliminating time-consuming steps and allowing clients and family members to have their questions answered much more quickly.

“Clients can reach their coordinator directly and without being transferred from agent to agent,” adds Melanie. “They don’t need to wait for a call back or leave voicemails. We have already received positive feedback from clients who are so pleased to not be put on hold and to have their questions and any concerns addressed more efficiently.”

“We were pleased to bring our expertise and team of contact centre specialists to integrate a vital part of the ODCC solution for VHA and improve the customer experience for their providers and clients,” says Giovanni Sansalone, Vice President, Product & Professional Services, Bell Canada.

The Bell-GoldCare integration is just one example of VHA’s commitment to continuous improvement and delivering high quality care.

“Incorporating Bell’s On Demand Contact Centre into our Customer Service Centre represents a substantial improvement in our communications support technology,” adds Alistair Forsyth. “This type of technology has been a major game changer in call centres worldwide and is becoming an industry standard. Integrating the ODCC with GoldCare’s CloudCare 2.0  is an important element in VHA’s digital transformation strategy. We are focused on collaborating with partners to ensure VHA is equipped with the best in communications technology and information management systems to support our clients and our providers.”