Long Term Care Solutions
Are your disparate systems causing inefficiencies? It’s time to talk Integration.

Yes, it is possible to manage your entire operation with one solution.

With GoldCare’s integrated Long Term Care solution, you have the power to effectively and efficiently manage and report on every aspect of your site. Intake & referrals, waitlist management, scheduling & payroll, assessments & care planning, as well as billing, trust accounting and award interpretation—they’re all here, and more!

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Resident Management

Streamline workflow, improve data accuracy and reduce redundancy with an integrated single location for all resident-related information.

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Staff & Volunteer Management

Improve time management with a flexible and efficient approach to managing employees and volunteers that seamlessly integrates with GoldCare Payroll and other payroll applications.

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Clinical Management

Support evidence-based practice and standardized clinical documentation with feature-rich tools and an interdisciplinary electronic health record.

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Financial Management

Save time and resources while ensuring the accuracy of back-office tasks with a single source for managing financial information that can also integrate with other financial management applications.

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Track and measure outcomes, compile statistics, support decision-making, and meet regulatory requirements with Standard, Ad hoc and Business Intelligence reporting.

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GoldCare offers all the applications we need in one integrated solution. It’s user-definable and allows us to set it up the way we want to see it.

Kathrin McMath Chief Financial Officer, Mennonite Benevolent Society

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