In addition to providing the correct server and storage equipment to support your GoldCare environment, a GoldCare hosting subscription provides many benefits, including:

  • Canadian location to comply with federal health data legislation
  • Physically-secure environment with redundant power and connectivity
  • Sufficient bandwidth to support your organization’s requirements
  • Data security using advanced Firewall
  • Server administration such as operating system updates
  • Anti-virus
  • Secure connectivity certificates
  • Hardware and system monitoring for both issues and performance
  • Daily data backup and off-site storage
  • Reduced system administration, allowing you to focus on service delivery to your customers

Project Management

GoldCare’s Project Management staff expertly guide you and your organization through the entire GoldCare project lifecycle, from planning and implementation to training and launch.

As many of our project managers have previously worked in the healthcare industry, they are uniquely qualified to understand the specific requirements of your business and staff. This allows them to prepare implementation plans for your organization that:

  • Tailor deliverables and objectives to your organization’s needs
  • Set achievable timelines and milestones for your team
  • Make use of your resources in the most efficient manner
  • Include appropriate testing and data validation time to ensure your system requirements are met
  • Provide time to support effective training of your staff according to their expected GoldCare use

GoldCare has successfully completed hundreds of implementation projects based on our client-partner philosophy. Working closely with you, we make it a priority to maintain open lines of communication, and to provide exceptional service and leadership throughout each stage of a project.


Tailored to the needs of your organization, GoldCare provides comprehensive, hands-on training as part of every implementation. Our training program and related materials are designed for all levels of users, from management and system administrator to end user, allowing you and your staff to begin using GoldCare quickly and competently.

Instructor-led classroom sessions provide an interactive training environment for learning GoldCare. These sessions provide the foundation for developing expert GoldCare knowledge within your organization. With this knowledge, your team will have the proficiency to train their colleagues. Our “train the trainer” curriculum is designed specifically for this purpose.

To ensure your staff knowledge remains current, GoldCare also provides continual training opportunities in the form of web-based sessions, annual conference and online resources such as instructional videos, software change notes and award-winning documentation.


The GoldCare Customer Service Centre is dedicated to providing you with a superior customer support experience. Helping you maintain optimal performance of your GoldCare investment is our number one priority.

When an issue is reported, our expert team members work closely with your site’s staff to quickly diagnose and resolve it. In almost all cases we can execute solutions remotely, minimizing the interruption to your business.

In addition to our exemplary Customer Service team, GoldCare is pleased to provide you with an abundance of online support resources that include; customer web forums, Quick Questions, FAQs and more.