Security & Privacy
Partnership Responsibilities for Privacy and Security

Goldcare understands the importance of maintaining the privacy and security of the information it holds on behalf of its customers and takes steps to keep that information confidential and secure, including the items listed above.

GoldCare provides tools in our software to help customers meet their jurisdictional privacy requirements, for example, PHIPA and PIPEDA, depending on the nature of their business.  During the software’s initial set-up GoldCare works with customers to configure these tools.  We recognize that from time to time, a review of the configuration, or a refresher on how to maintain it, may be desired and we are available to assist customers in doing this as well.

Data encryption converts data into a format accessible only to authorized parties who possess the encryption key.  Encryption is not required, but it is an effective way to protect data from unauthorized access.  While customers have the option to choose encryption methods outside of GoldCare, GoldCare provides the ability to encrypt both Data at Rest and Data in Motion and will store a copy of the encryption key, with the customer’s permission, to ensure that data will not be lost.

In addition to the technical safeguards listed above, GoldCare also ensures physical and administrative safeguards, including without limitation through its development of policies and procedures, the confidentiality obligations of its staff/contractors, and through ongoing regular training.