GoldCare allows you to manage all information about your clients, employees and volunteers — in a single location. GoldCare’s integrated approach to client and staff management streamlines workflow and productivity, and supports open communication for informed decision-making across your entire organization.

Use GoldCare’s client management features to:

  • Manage referrals, consents, third-party clinical reports and other documents for the client; these can be created directly in GoldCare, or imported as various file formats.
  • Maintain and automatically track each priority and position on waiting lists, and compile statistics through built-in reports to monitor service requests and program volume.
  • Admit, transfer and discharge clients to/from programs, and view ADT-related data such as movement history and reasons for intake/discharge at client and program levels.

Client Profile

Manage information, such as demographics, documents (referrals, signed consent forms, lab results, etc.), billing details, and treatment/service activities from one consolidated electronic health record, providing accurate, up-to-date and timely information.

Staff and Volunteer Profiles

Manage everything from skill set, job class/code, service/contract terms and job/visit history. Employees and volunteers have their own electronic profiles that link to the appropriate client record for coordinating scheduling/rostering and service fulfillment, as well as managing payroll and job performance.

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