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VHA Home HealthCare Upgrade to CloudCare is a Significant Success

GoldCare, a market leader in healthcare management software, is excited to officially announce that VHA Home HealthCare has successfully transitioned to GoldCare’s latest CloudCare release. VHA has been GoldCare’s partner for over 12 years and was one of the early adopters of CloudCare – GoldCare’s evolution into a fully cloud-based health care management system. CloudCare … Continued Continue reading

Hear What Customers Say About GoldCare

At the annual GoldCare conference, customers had the opportunity to share their thoughts about GoldCare: the product, the company and the team. Listen to their testimonials.

CloudCare17 Live at JewishCare

GoldCare is pleased to announce that its newest release, CloudCare17, is now live and in use by our valued customer, JewishCare NSW.

GoldCare Supports eSignature

GoldCare, the market leader in healthcare management software, is pleased to announce that MobilityPlus, GoldCare’s mobile application, now supports the ability to electronically capture a signature. This feature is available for devices that operate on the iOS and Android platforms.

GoldCare Announces Release of CloudCare17

GoldCare is pleased to announce that its newest release, CloudCare17, is live at a number of sites and now available for general distribution. In combination with our hosting services, CloudCare17 strengthens GoldCare’s transition to offering a fully cloud-based solution.

GoldCare Live at Three New Schlegel Villages

Schlegel Villages recently expanded their footprint with GoldCare, successfully going Live with GoldCare’s LTC solution, Resident Administration Manager, at three of its new facilities.

GoldCare Supported on Android

GoldCare is pleased to announce that MobilityPlus, GoldCare's mobile application, is now supported on Android devices.

GoldCare-Pixalere Interface

GoldCare is pleased to annouce that it now has an interface with Pixalere to support client demographics within their Wound Management solution

GoldCare Announces New Cloud-Based Solution, GC CLOUDCARE

GoldCare is excited to announce its new cloud-based solution, GC CLOUDCARE, which takes the robust functionality of GoldCare and makes it available and accessible in the cloud, on any device with an Internet browser.

MobilityPlus Helps PSWs Deliver Care

Using GoldCare MobilityPlus on a BlackBerry has dramatically changed the typical workday for PSWs at VHA. Staff are better informed about clients and schedules and empowered to improve the quality of care they deliver.