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It’s no secret that technology is evolving at a faster pace than ever before. From constant mobile updates to new digital tools that help us do our work—it can sometimes be difficult to stay on top of change. And health care is no exception.

When it comes to health records, we know that digital software is the way of the future. Not only does it provide health care providers with quick and easy access to medical history and information, but it also improves productivity, helps to reduce medical errors and streamlines processes. Digital records also allow us to collect data that can help us find patterns with respect to the care we provide or the health of our residents.

At Richmond Lions Manor-Bridgeport (RLMB) the patient record information system, GoldCare, and has been in use at the facility since 2002 and was in need of an update.

“More and more of our staff were reporting glitches with the system,” says project manager Willy Rasilim, adding that the team had been trying to resolve these issues since 2017. “We realized the only way to fix the errors was to update the system to the newest version.”

With help from RLMB educator, Suzy Dinsa, and secretary and administrator Stephanie Yu, the project team was able to successfully implement the new system. After conducting user testing and getting feedback from staff, the update was rolled out across the site and training was provided so staff could familiarize themselves with the revised platform and learn the new features.

“We went from an unsupported 2010 version to a web-based 2018 version. The new system is much more very user-friendly and has additional features that can be implemented down the road that will allow us to produce even more electronically generated reports and information,” says Patti Caldwell, manager of Program Support in Community and Family Health.

Some of the new features include:

  • Resident notes can now be viewed in a separate window making it easier to review their history

  • Generation of fall assessment reports

  • Accurate data is automatically sent to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)

Improving workflows and celebrating our successes

 “We’re trying to move away from paper and the GoldCare upgrade is helping us do that with different online tools and assessments we can use,” says Suzy Dinsa.

Madeline Bercero, LPN, says the new system allows care aides to think more critically.

“The whole system is much more organized,” she said. “If I’m wondering why a resident was put on pain medication, I’m able to pull up notes specific on pain and find out why.”

After a successful implementation, the RLMB team held a celebration with staff to acknowledge the work of the project team and enthusiasm of staff to implement these changes into their workflows. Congratulations to the team for all your hard work!

–  Stephanie Yu and Patti Caldwell

** Content featured above is one of the stories from the Summer Richmond Residential Care Newsletter, which features content from Minoru and Richmond Lions Manor-Bridgeport, with contributions from staff, leaders, and project managers.​