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GoldCare, market leader in healthcare management software, is thrilled to announce that N’Mninoeyaa Aboriginal Health Access Centre has selected GoldCare’s Home & Community Care solution and interRAI Community Health Assessment (CHA) tool.

N’Mninoeyaa Aboriginal Health Access Centre provides a variety of healthcare services, including community outreach, mental health, addiction and diabetes support, as well as primary healthcare to First Nation communities from Sault Ste. Marie to Sudbury.

While simultaneously coping with organizational changes and the adoption of a new system, N’Mninoeyaa discovered that their new system couldn’t readily accommodate their requirement to electronically submit the interRAI Community Health Assessment (CHA)−a condition of their LHIN funding. “It was a very challenging time,” says Gloria Daybutch, Health Director at N’Mninoeyaa Aboriginal Health Access Centre. “We’d been completing the CHA assessment by paper, which was inefficient and made sharing among our seven community offices, seven partner sites and two locations for Regional staff, a difficult process. It was at that point that we were advised to seek an alternate solution.”

Enter GoldCare to the rescue. Selected from a list of five vendors recommended by their LHIN officer, GoldCare is helping to bring N’Mninoeyaa back up to speed. “Once we’re up and running with the CHA, we’re looking forward to expanding our use of GoldCare’s Home & Community Care solution,” Gloria states emphatically. “Our Schedulers are keen to begin utilizing GoldCare Scheduling, and to having the ability to generate stats for reporting.”

“N’Mninoeyaa’s story is not unique, unfortunately,” explains Paula Hucko, President of GoldCare. “There are numerous health organizations in Canada that still do not have adequate electronic information management systems, particularly in First Nation communities. We are committed to helping these organizations automate processes, so more time can be focused on care giving priorities.”

About N’Mninoeyaa Aboriginal Health Access Centre

In 1995, N’Mninoeyaa Aboriginal Health Access Centre was developed and received provincial funding under the Aboriginal Healing & Wellness Strategy. The services delivered under this agreement were based on an outreach, collaborative and partnership model with each of the seven (7) First Nations and the Indian Friendship Centre in Sault Ste. Marie. http://www.nmninoeyaa.ca

About GoldCare

GoldCare is a leading healthcare technology software provider for community, home, and residential care sectors. An integrated approach to care management and support, and dedication to industry-advancing solutions are just some of the reasons why GoldCare is used by hundreds of organizations across Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. www.mygoldcare.com


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