WATERLOO, Ontario, Canada -

GoldCare, a market leader in healthcare management solutions, is pleased to officially unveil CloudCare 2.0, the cloud version of its healthcare and information management software that home, community, and long-term care organizations can access anywhere, at any time, on any device.

The biggest benefit of this technology is accessibility since the system is no longer confined to a specific set of devices. Instead, users can now log into the system through a web browser on their tablet or smartphone and easily pull up the information specific to their role, in real-time from, anywhere there is an internet connection.

With CloudCare 2.0’s intuitive interface and improved navigation, new users will find the system easy to learn to allow them to be productive in no time. For advanced users and business leaders, improvements to the already powerful Dashboards delivers greater access to key information.  This provides the business real-time information to support operations and decision making.

Finally, those who are concerned about data security can breathe a sigh of relief – CloudCare 2.0 will keep their sensitive information safe from cybercriminals thanks to its industry-leading data encryption technology.

“By getting CloudCare 2.0, you really do unlock the ‘full power’ of the GoldCare healthcare management software,” said Paula Hucko, the President of GoldCare. “It has all of the same features, in addition to improved accessibility, flexibility, and security. This kind of technology is particularly vital today when we all need to be as adaptable as possible to the changing world around us.”

Organizations like yours have already found success with CloudCare 2.0.  Here’s what customers are telling us:

“CloudCare 2.0 makes an already great system better.  I really like the new look and how much easier it is to use.”

“As a manager it allows me to stay connected with my staff even when we are out of the office. I can sign in on my phone any time and see exactly what’s going on.”

Those who are looking to learn more about CloudCare 2.0 and all of its benefits can do so right here: www.mygoldcare.com/goldcare-presents-cloudcare-2-0.

About GoldCare

GoldCare is a leading healthcare technology software provider for community, home, and residential care sectors. An integrated approach to care management and support, and dedication to industry-advancing solutions are just some of the reasons why GoldCare is used by hundreds of organizations across Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. To learn more, please visit www.mygoldcare.com.