GoldCare helps you manage your residential site’s business needs by supporting integrated back-office tasks such as general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, and payroll. Using GoldCare, staff can quickly access accurate real-time data for improved consistency and productivity.

Resident Billing

Process resident billing statements and invoices with accuracy and ease. Built-in receivables support automated payment methods. Seamless integration with the GoldCare General Ledger provides real-time revenue and receivables data, giving immediate profit/loss and balance statements.

Trust Accounting

Perform and track all deposits and withdrawals from the resident’s bank account, as defined in the resident’s profile. Save time with “group billings” to enter multiple resident transactions at once. Access real-time resident balances and produce a wide range of balance, audit, ledger and other reports.


Track donations and fund allocation, prepare campaigns and mailing lists, and issue charitable tax receipts.

Award Interpretation

GoldCare supports specific regional requirements for both Australia and New Zealand. Sites can manage resources according to the rules and conditions of employee terms, providing an aggregate or consolidated view of work rule conditions.

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