GoldCare provides information and tools that support evidence-based practice and standardized clinical documentation. The interdisciplinary electronic health record (EHR) features stringent security safeguards and auditing that complies with privacy regulations. GoldCare provides integrated information access and communication to effectively manage assessments, care planning and progress measurement.

Health Record

Store the resident’s demographics, medical history, diagnostics, vital signs, treatment plans, and other clinical information in a single electronic health record that supports decision making, quality standards and outcome reporting.


Electronically complete RAI, ACFI and other resident assessments, and generate outcomes and additional areas for assessments. Assessment reviews are tracked and maintained in a single GoldCare ‘homepage’ to ensure compliance with local standards.

Care Planning

Automatically generate individualized care plans based on your assessment tool. The care plan diagnosis/problem, evidence, care goals and interventions are clearly linked in an intuitive interface that simplifies data entry, charting of progress notes, version control and printing of flow sheets for shift rotations.

Incident Reporting

Maintain resident, employee and visitor safety by identifying and flagging incidents so that they can be immediately corrected and prevented in the future.

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