GoldCare offers a variety reporting options to help your organization analyze and track data. In addition to several standard reports that come with the software, GoldCare’s user interface allows you to print up-to-the-minute information directly from your workspace. You can also customize forms and reports to support operational and strategic planning using our Make Your Own Report (MYOR) and Insight applications.

GoldCare supports various export options, allowing you to easily share information across your organization and with external partners and government agencies.

We streamlined business rules, strengthened data reliability, and can now run comparison reports across all sites.
Denis Filiatrault, Executive Director at One Kids Place in North Bay

Reporting with Make Your Own Report (MYOR)

GoldCare’s ad hoc reporting tool, MYOR, allows you to report on virtually any data element in the system and provides your staff with:

  • Functional or task-oriented reports to complete their daily responsibilities
  • An intuitive interface that simplifies the process of selecting, sorting and displaying data
  • Flexible formatting options for capturing complex information in easy-to-read reports

Reporting with Insight

Insight is ideal for data analysis, trending and benchmarking. Pulling data from multiple GoldCare applications, Insight provides you with:

  • Sophisticated business intelligence in a simplified package
  • The ability to create multiple ad hoc reports from one main report
  • Flexible formats that can be changed on-the-fly from a table to a line graph, bar graph or pie chart
  • Aggregate reporting on totals, rankings, comparisons, overages/shortages and more, for any time frame
  • An easy-to-read summary view that can be drilled down to record-level detail

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