GoldCare provides a single location for resident information and includes robust features to support all aspects of managing long-term and aged care, retirement, assisted living, and independent living unit residents.

GoldCare’s easy-to-use user interface provides role-based, secure access to information and administrative functions in an integrated, single view that streamlines your workflow, improves efficiencies and alleviates redundancies.

Resident Profile

Retrieve and maintain a resident’s personal, financial and medical information in one intuitive user interface. Save time with single data entry for consistent information across all applications. Information need only be entered once to populate other areas of the GoldCare system.

Admissions, Discharges & Transfers

Manage the placement and movement of residents at your site. Easily track resident demographic information to generate resident census reports for identifying site trends.


Manage referrals, track referral status and progress, and report on a number of referral parameters. Efficiently manage referral information with GoldCare to expedite the acceptance and intake of new residents, easing the transition for new residents and families.


Create an unlimited number of waitlists, from pre-admission to discharge, and track waitlisted residents based on multiple priorities.

Recreation (Diversional Therapy):

Schedule/roster group activities by matching residents with appropriate activities and staff, then document on attendance and level of participation for statistical and clinical reporting.

Document Management

Store documents as part of the resident’s record for ready access and reference: lab reports, x-ray results, pictures, Word, Excel files, PDF files and more. Document Manager supports file encryption and security to protect information and control access.

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