Use GoldCare to easily manage every aspect of your team to improve time management and streamline operations. From completing scheduling/rostering tasks and seamless data flow to payroll, time and attendance, tracking and reporting trends, GoldCare offers a consolidated view of staffing functions.

Employee Profile

Add, review, monitor and track all details for your staff. Set reminders for contract allowances and renewals of skills, licenses and certificates to minimize risk and reduce manual record keeping.

Volunteer Management

Add, review, monitor and track all details for your volunteers, then schedule/roster according to hours, availability and rotation.

Payroll & HR

Track time and attendance with easy integration to direct-entry scheduling/rostering systems and time clocks. Automatically transfer information to GoldCare Payroll or your 3rd-party payroll system.


Integrated staff scheduling/rostering that supports master and iterative schedules, active and support call-in and response, tracks seniority and availability while managing union and service contracts for accurate planning.

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