Family Portal allows our families to stay informed and keep in touch with therapists.
Bonnie Mensch, Manager of Client Records at KidsAbility in Waterloo


MobilityPlus gives you the freedom to view and record client activities, appointments, and other information onsite, in real time, at the client’s location using a smartphone. The vibrant user interface organizes information simply, allowing you to effortlessly view and maintain appointments, client, and program details; view and create notes about the client/visit; view map/driving directions to an appointment; and send and receive messages to/from other GoldCare users.

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Portal technology is playing a key role in the controlled and secure online accessibility of health-related information for mobile healthcare providers and those they care for.

GoldCare’s expanding offering of portals for patients, physicians and employees can:

  • Foster better engagement and information sharing
  • Improve outcomes through better progress tracking
  • Provide meaningful decision support
  • Lower costs through better utilization of healthcare providers.

GoldCare’s Family Portal allows patients and their family members to update information, view appointments and reports, and communicate with care teams – allowing people to be actively involved in their own health care.


Remote staff, service partners and funding providers can access GoldCare online and review and update information that’s relevant to them. Rather than request or submit information by paper and wait for it to arrive or be received, information is readily available, saving time, expediting the billing process and eliminating data entry duplication.

Care Anywhere

Use your laptop or tablet to enter information and conduct assessments from client sites, and synchronize data with the GoldCare server when you return to the office. Updates are automatically pushed to the laptop or tablet, ensuring you’re using the latest client information.

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