GoldCare contains interactive planning calendars and mapping tools to match employees and volunteers to appointments and events based on availability, proximity, and skill set. This flexibility and control allows your service planners to assign the ideal caregiver to clients for day programs and clinic, home and point-of-care visits to maintain optimal service fulfillment and program quality levels.

The web-based GoldCare planning calendar is integrated with client records and employee profiles to support a number of scheduling tasks:

  • Changing, reassigning and cancelling appointments
  • Searching for caregivers for unfilled appointments
  • Monitoring pending and missed appointments
  • Updating service and care plans
  • Adding work notes
  • And more

Use GoldCare’s intuitive calendar interface to filter and display specific clients, caregivers and events. A summary view of each caregiver’s day allows service planners to track that person’s total visits, visit duration and reassigned appointments.

Speed access to information and improve productivity with personalized employee calendars to track clients, appointments and direct/indirect time, which are linked to payroll and financial applications for automated time entry and client billing.

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