WATERLOO, Ontario, Canada -

GoldCare, a market leader in healthcare management software, is excited to officially announce that it has completed the development of a new GoldCare Management Tool – to address the overwhelming impact COVID-19 has had on its home and facility care clients.

The tool includes a new type of note that contains a series of questions recommended by the government for assessing a person’s potential exposure to COVID-19. This note type is available for use with both client and employee records in the GoldCare system. The results of a COVID-19 note will trigger an alert to the office and management staff for action if required.

Those who want to take advantage of this new management tool will need to make sure their organization has CloudCare 17 (or newer). In addition, frontline home and community care staff will require either the MobilityPlus mobile app or GoldCare Web Access, to be able to complete notes in the field.

GoldCare is offering this tool to clients at no charge. If you are a client, simply send a request to GoldCare Support, and we will add the new COVID-19 note type and corresponding dashboards to your system.

About GoldCare

GoldCare is a leading healthcare technology software provider for community, home, and residential care sectors. An integrated approach to care management and support and dedication to industry-advancing solutions are just some of the reasons why GoldCare is used by hundreds of organizations across Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. To learn more, please visit www.mygoldcare.com.