WATERLOO, Ontario, Canada -

GoldCare, a market leader in healthcare management software, is excited to officially announce that VHA Home HealthCare has successfully transitioned to GoldCare’s latest CloudCare release.

VHA has been GoldCare’s partner for over 12 years and was one of the early adopters of CloudCare – GoldCare’s evolution into a fully cloud-based health care management system.

CloudCare is the newest iteration of this product, and its user interface is one of its biggest improvements. It’s much faster and easier to navigate, which makes accessing relevant information much more straightforward. Because of this, VHA’s employees were able to streamline several of their daily tasks and become even more productive.

“CloudCare has improved overall system performance and has streamlined our operation,” said Drew Wesley, the CIO at VHA Home HealthCare in Toronto, Ontario. “It has been a big help in the last six months.”

To ensure the upgrade to CloudCare was a success, GoldCare and VHA’s teams met weekly to synchronize on key deliverables and milestones. As a result of such a close collaboration, the project was delivered on time and on budget.

“GoldCare was very committed to our success,” said Wesley. “Goldcare is very focused on customer service, which makes them a great partner.”

“Our goal for this release was to improve our user interface, user experience and enhance efficiency.” said Paula Hucko, President of GoldCare. “We understand the challenges in our market and thus being able to provide our customers with solutions that improve operations, while maintaining a high standard of quality care is key. We have achieved this with the release of CloudCare.”

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About GoldCare

GoldCare is a leading healthcare technology software provider for community, home, and residential care sectors. An integrated approach to care management and support, and dedication to industry-advancing solutions are just some of the reasons why GoldCare is used by hundreds of organizations across Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. To learn more, please visit www.mygoldcare.com.

About VHA Home HealthCare

VHA Home HealthCare is a not-for-profit, charitable organization that has been providing health care and support services to create possibilities for more independence since 1925. VHA’s team of over 2,700 caring, compassionate professionals support clients and their families throughout Ontario. VHA is proudly Accredited with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada and an RNAO Best Practice Spotlight Organization. To learn more, please visit www.vha.ca.