GoldCare’s vision is to be a leader in providing robust, innovative healthcare solutions to the Home Health Care and Long-Term Care sectors. We aim to accomplish this by serving our customers with flawless solution development, service excellence and customer engagement, and by creating strategic partnerships that strengthen GoldCare’s market presence and penetration. We regularly review complimentary technologies and products to determine if they can maximize operational efficiencies for our clients. To this end, GoldCare has developed partnerships with the following third-party vendors to provide and compliment our solution.

While GoldCare offers a very robust, end-to-end, enterprise solution, we have chosen to strategically partner with third-party organizations in order to leverage their core competencies, thus allowing GoldCare to focus its development efforts on the GoldCare system and meeting the greater needs of our client base.


Aizan Technologies

Telephony solution

Aizan provides a variety of progressive communication applications and services including a virtual switchboard, broadcast messaging, virtual contact center and inbound virtual fax manager.

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eSolutions Data Fortress

ASP Hosted solution

eSolutions offers unique insight into today’s leading ideas and best practices through comprehensive and diverse services that include application development, IT and creative consulting, GIS services, learning and training, and data management and networking.

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Rocket Software

UniVerse database

Rocket is a global software development firm with solutions that support application development, database servers, business intelligence, data storage management and more.

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Mobile platform developer

SpeakFeel develops innovative mobile solutions and understands the technology on the consumer and enterprise side. Extensive experience with mobile solutions has provided SpeakFeel’s team with valuable knowledge about technology planning, design and deployment.

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