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What our clients are saying....

"GoldCare allows organizations to be flexible and creative in setting up their system, in turn recognizing business process efficiencies and facilitating accurate reporting of data to the Ministry."~ Cara Chandler
Client Database Manager: GoldCare Collaborative, CSS Network
"MobilityPlus improves very much the quality of care I'm able to give my clients and makes the old way seem old-fashioned. You don't have to keep calling the office for addresses or messages or ask someone to speak slower because you can't understand them. When you're driving, GPS takes you where you want. There's no confusion – you have the apartment, the entry code, the street, the client, you have everything you want. I love it, love it, love it!"~ Felister Mburu
PSW, VHA Home Healthcare Toronto, Ontario
"I tell everyone, if you're confused about MobilityPlus give me a call and I'll show you how it works. I cannot imagine working without it; everything is there and it makes my work so much easier. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me at VHA."~ Felister Mburu
PSW, VHA Home Healthcare Toronto, Ontario
"Personally, I believe MobilityPlus benefits the field staff by empowering them. It provides a lot more information to the field staff than previously. Just like patient empowerment through ensuring they're informed of their condition and treatment choices and options, PSW empowerment is practiced through providing them with their schedule information and client information. It gives them better control over their schedule, and better decision making on delivering care because they know more about their client than before."~ Ben Kim
MobilityPlus Project Lead, VHA Home Healthcare Toronto, Ontario
"MobilityPlus is an outstanding system when properly implemented and the visit process is aligned to meet system requirements. It empowers workers, and after using it in the field for about two weeks, everyone fully understands the benefits and how much time they're saving."~ Ben Kim
MobilityPlus Project Lead, VHA Home Healthcare Toronto, Ontario
"I now have the freedom to contact people in the office as soon as things happen. Information can be immediately sent to coordinators and supervisors so as to see immediate responses by management and in turn, solutions to client issues and events. Another great benefit is the ability to see the care plan visually on the device. Pertinent information regarding the client is provided to field workers so as to better equip us in administering the treatment for the client. As a result, client care is more streamlined and goal directed."~ Paul Miole
PSW, VHA Home Healthcare Toronto, Ontario
"PSWs love using the device despite the learning curve. Although there is a significant investment required in time and money, and the organization must commit to training resources to support staff and ensure they're confident with the technology, I expect the solution will ultimately improve client care by providing greater access to information in the field and client schedules, and will enable workers to be even more responsive to client needs."~ Jennifer Blum
CFO and VP Operations Support, VHA Home Healthcare Toronto, Ontario
"Over the years, we’ve seen GoldCare develop into a really comprehensive application. I’ve really enjoyed working with it for the past six years, and I’ve had a great time at the annual GoldCare conferences."~ Bill Fast
Business Systems Analyst (Development), Fraser Health Authority
"With GoldCare in place, our team spends one day a week less on paperwork and entering redundant data."~ Mary Rydberg
Manager, Aged & Disability Services, City of Greater Dandenong
"GoldCare offers all the applications we need in one integrated solution. It’s user-definable and allows us to set it up the way we want to see it."~ Kathrin McMath
Chief Financial Officer, Mennonite Benevolent Society
"We thoroughly reviewed several solutions, and GoldCare was the clear choice. It was strong on every one of our requirements, and in many cases, exceeded our expectations. GoldCare proved beyond a doubt why we consider them a partner, and not just another vendor."~ Lori Cooper
Executive Director, VON Canada
"GoldCare is a much more sophisticated program–it looks better, it’s more user-friendly, and it’s a lot more intuitive in the way it works."~ Jayne Kierce
Access & Quality Systems Coordinator, City of Greater Dandenong
"The product has streamlined the way we work. Some providers, who have used other products, are just blown away when they first look at GoldCare and they see what is possible."~ Mary Rydberg
Manager, Aged & Disability Services, City of Greater Dandenong
"…as a long-standing client, GoldCare staff have a good understanding of our business and our requirements."~ Jeanette Mandel
Manager of client services, Carefor
"We love the workspaces. They allow each part of the case management process to be mapped out visually across the screen, with tabs that allow users to see the information most relevant to their roles. And the ability to add a document to a client’s file is wonderful. Everything we receive can be saved or scanned and added to the client’s record–it’s a great tracking tool."~ Margaret Fouche
CDIMS Manager, Care Connect
"GoldCare meets our requirements and has a proven track record with Interior Health, based on the implementation of the GoldCare Community interRAI solution (MDS-HC) and Care Anywhere."~ Mal Griffin
Chief Information Officer, Interior Health Authority